It’s not just because we care more: We do more & do it better!!!!!
– 24 hr DHS staff coordinating calls & filling shifts
– Smaller staff to Supervisor ratio
– Extensive variety of services offered/less ER visits and hospitalizations
– Quicker response and ability to cover shifts quickly & efficiently
– PSW’s are designated more skilled tasks in the community
– More affordable services
– Customized care plans that meet the individual’s needs
– Higher client satisfaction
– In home PSW Blood sugar testing/Blood pressures/ specimen collection
– Free In Home Flu shots for clients /Free Glucometers
– Old fashion Client Paper Charting system in home for better continuity of care
& communication with family and team members
– Better communication skills/think outside the box
– Close supervision of all staff
– More continuity, reliability & accountability
– 1 hr minimum service up to 24 hr care
– 1hr of care means the full 60 minutes
– Client & family team meetings
– Higher Staff satisfaction and morale
Our client satisfaction survey told us:
– Clients felt safer as they always have the same staff providing their care
– Families felt included, comfortable, and their requests were respected and
carried out efficiently and in a timely manner
– The client felt their quality of life was much better
– Communication was open and clear
– The charting method allowed staff to give consistently better care
– They could afford our services and trusted us
– They wish they had called us sooner, they felt we really cared and had high standards
– Clients are happy the care also extended to other family members & pets

Please call me if you have any questions or you would like more brochures. We are happy to assist you in anyway we can! We believe one day at a time can make a difference in someone’s life!!

Thank You for your time!