Privacy Policy

DHS Health Care Service provides our clients with health care services. To meet the clients needs and provide you service, DHS needs to know personal information. You have the right to expect that to the best of our ability, your personal information held by us remains accurate, confidential and secure. DHS is proud of our long standing commitment to maintaining the confidentiality and security of personal information and has implemented practices to better protect the privacy of your personal information. DHS collects, uses, discloses and stores facts about you and your health. These facts are collected to help provide health care or payments for health care. They include:

  • Your name and address, date of birth, Funder, Claim Number or DVA Information
  • Facts about your health, health care history and the health care that you have been given.
  • Facts about payment for your health care services

We use this information and share it only with those who need to know that information.

Reasons we use this information include:

  • To make decisions about the types of services you need.
  • To serve as a means to communicate with other service providers.
  • To monitor DHS providing your services and evaluate your response to services provided.
  • For payment and billing of health services.
  • For administration and office reason and to meet legal and regulatory requirements.


  • You may see or have access to your personal health information.
  • You may ask for and receive any copy of your health record.
  • You may ask us to correct your records.
  • Your personal information is private.
  • Unless law authorizes sharing it with others, we cannot and will not give out any of your personal information without your consent.
  • You may make a complaint to our Privacy Officer about access to your personal information, or about how it is collected, stored, used or disclosed to others.


Clients receiving Services from DHS Health Care Service can be assured that all their information will only be used as per our Privacy Policy.
Only designated Emergency Contacts provided to us by the client will be able to speak with DHS Coordinators and Managers on your behalf with your authorization.
DHS does its utmost to ensure your privacy and confidentiality is protected at all times.